ChargeGrid MARK-GD06P3(60)


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General specification:

60kW CHAdeMO + 60kW CCS-2 output

Dual gun (CHAdeMO + CCS-2

LCD display with touchscreen

LCD display with touchscreen

 With Internet communication & RFID card options


Input Voltage (AC) – 3 Phase, 415V

Input Frequency – 50Hz

Wires 5 wires :- L1,L2,L3,N,PE


Output Connector – CCS-2 + CHAdeMO

Output Voltage DC -Vdc 200 – 1000 Vdc

Output Rating  – 120kW (60kW CCS + 60kW CHAdeMO)

Charger :- Type – off board

Input / output :- 230V 48V

Charging time :- 2-3 hrs 



Motor type :– BLDC/ Max. continuous power – 1.2 KW

Controller inverter Voltage rating :- 48V/ Max. current rating – 45 amps

Battery:-  71yeizt,;,1111..rii,boat:g/reSsystem voltage 48V –

Charger :- Type – off board

Input / output :- 230V 48V

Charging time :- 2-3 hrs  


Ambient Temperature –20⁰C to 80⁰C

Operating Temperature -20⁰C to 75⁰C

Altitude Upto – 3000 mtrs

Humidity 0 to 95%


Display 7” TFT LCD Touch Screen

Language –  English

Emergency Stop –  Mushroom type push button

User Authentication – Mobile App/ Password Login/ QR Code/ RFID

Visual Indication Error Indication, SOC, Presence of Input Supply



Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Yellow


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