About us

EV Jagat is the new world of EVs, a place where all stakeholders- EV buyers, EV manufacturers, distributors, service engineers, EV financiers, accessory providers, and interested citizens- can benefit from.

We are a team of impact-makers consisting of senior officers from the government (former), data scientists and new age technology experts, electric vehicle experts, policy makers, and EV infrastructure planners. We know EV and we are working to make sure every citizen adapts EV.

We are the voice of electric vehicles in India. Our mission is to drive change to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles fueled by clean, reasonable, household power to diminish our nation’s reliance on petroleum, make strides to discuss quality, and diminish nursery gas emissions. We offer assistance to customers, policy-makers, auto manufacturers, and others to understand the effective benefits of driving electric. We offer viable, objective information to assist customers to select the leading electric vehicle for their ways of life and needs.

We earnestly believe electric vehicles are the requirement of the hour to spare the environment and to breathe clean and new discussion. EV Jagat is the one-stop information entry for EV devotees, merchants, producers, and shareholders, etc.


Our vision is to create a World that is Driven by Electric Vehicles. And, we are currently driving the future of EVs in India, effectively creating an environment that India deserves. We do so by engaging with all stakeholders of the ecosystem using intelligent data driven “hyper-local” insights, with smartness that impacts the growth of all stakeholders.


Our mission is to create a one stop solution for purchase and advocacy of electric vehicles. We eliminate the absence of structured allied servicing with EVs like batteries, servicing, charging stations, etc while spreading awareness among the consumer base about the same. We are the one-stop solution for all consumers. 


Considering the latest government policies and a perceptible change in consumer behaviour, EV sector is expected to expand vastly in India and our goal is to be on its driving seat. We ultimately want to contribute towards a sustainable future by channelizing the needs and fulfillments of all stakeholders in one ecosystem.

Impact made by us

Our Partners are responsible for Smart Policy Making for Developing Countries. We use their intelligence to create Impact by helping form policies that are favourable to EVs.

We also work on the Perception of Consumers, making them realise the importance of EV using data-driven indices and tools. We have already started creating EV Devotees out of Skeptics. 

We are working for a sustainable and greener future. EV Jagat, being a multidisciplinary project aims to create awareness among the consumer base about purchasing EVs and its related servicing, promoting consumer advocacy. 

EV Jagat is becoming the One-Stop Solution for both Buyers and Sellers, by providing every aspect of customer life-cycle. Our Physical and Digital Intelligence have started transforming OEMs.


Prashant Nikam
Ashwin Srivastava
Managing Partner


Viral Vora